About Me

Hello, my name is Adrian Brown. I will be turning 45 this year, and I have never felt better! I live in the sunny Gold Coast in Australia with my beautiful wife of 25 years and our two grown up kids.

I have experienced first hand the life changing effect of losing weight and focusing on good health and nutrition. Not only through my own journey but through a shared journey with my son.

I have worked in the computer graphics industry for the last 19 years. Like a lot of people these days my day is spent at a desk in front of a computer. Usually 9 – 10 hours a day and sometimes a lot more! My wife also works very hard in her job and deals with a lot of stress daily. Despite this we have always worked hard to put good healthy meals on the table for our kids and encouraged them to get out side and exercise.

In my case though, I really should have been spending more time practicing what I preached. Late nights, deadlines, stress and sitting at a desk soon started to take its toll. My weight went up along with my cholesterol and my fitness diminished to nothing. Then on top of all that I started to develop back problems from years of poor posture at work.

The turning point for me though was when my son was in his mid teens and his weight started to increase dramatically. His self esteem was hit hard and all the things that should have been great about his high school years were causing him anxiety and pain. I knew then that I needed to learn a lot more about nutrition and exercise. So that I could help us both!

So I started to study everything I could find about weight loss and nutrition. I turned to the internet and I was immediately overwhelmed. It was much harder than I thought to just get a straight answer about nutrition. I persisted though, because I knew what was at stake. Slowly I built up a good knowledge of nutrition and how the body really processes food. So that I could make informed decisions about what I ate and how I exercised.

Together my son and I were able to transform our selves, and we both found that we loved it! This set my son on the path that he is still on today. His confidence and self esteem have skyrocketed and everything seems to be falling into place for him. The turn around in his life has been amazing.

So I’m here now to help others do the same. I know there are so many other people out there going through the same thing I have. I’m going to write about everything that I’ve learned and what I’m still learning. Plus show you some of the best products out there that really work! My mission is to help as many people as possible to lose weight, improve their health and be happy.